Our Approach

Whether you are a start up with just One Key Contributor or a Large Company desiring to protect many Team Members, we can help you calculate the appropriate amount of coverage that you need. Employees are your most important asset. A select group of employees are the primary reason for your profitability and success. Your business wouldn’t be what it is today without their knowledge, experience and skill. The loss of a key employee can be devastating, not only to profitability, but also to a myriad of other factors … employee morale, productivity, credit rating, customer relations and business continuity.

Our Story

We created KeyBenePlan to provide EVERY Employer with the best Key Person Life Insurance Program on the market.  No other Provider will match each one of your Key Contributors with the Best Possible Insurer for their circumstances.  Most of our competitors match One Insurance Company with your entire workforce.  That makes no sense.  One size does not fit all.  We provide you with ONE monthly bill for your entire company making your life easier and eliminating administrative hassles.

Our Founder

Lawrence Lipman has over 35 years of Insurance Industry Experience.

He has created Start-ups and Companies based on the precept of providing excellent customer service.  Keybeneplan was invented to offer the first platform of its kind to maximize the idea that one size does not fit all.  Every Key Team Member’s Life Insurance Needs can’t possibly be met by one insurance company.  Everyone has a different Health History or Age,  Insurance Company A may be the best option for one employee, but for others it may cost significantly much more.


Larry’s previous experience includes leadership positions at Zenefits, USI, The Travelers and Simpata.  He has been married for almost 28 years and has two children, Soren age 18 and Robert age 24.

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