Why Your Company Needs Key Person Life Insurance

Consider how the loss of one or more key employees might impact your business. • would customers leave? Might revenue and profitability drop? Can other employees fulfill those unique responsibilities? Do other employees have time to perform those responsibilities? Are assets available to cover the costs to locate, hire and train a replacement? How will creditors respond to the loss of a key contributor? Besides offering benefits to retain your key employees, it’s important to protect your business against the loss of cash flow and increase in costs that can happen if one dies or becomes disabled. If you’re a Start-Up, your business plan undoubtedly assures Investors that you’ve already purchased Key Person Life Insurance. Without it, who provides the assets and income needed to help safeguard against loss and grow your business.

Keybeneplan offers a solution to protect your company and your investors

We have over 50 Insurance Companies, the TOP and MOST competitive providers of Individual Term Insurance in the market that we obtain quotes from.  We match the best quote with each and every Key Employee.  That way you get the best possible rate and are not compromising on coverage or costs with only one.  Some of your Key Employees may have a pre-existing condition or an adverse health history.  By matching the best possible company, we’re able to manage the underwriting process and obtain the best possible price and coverage.  Our staff has many years of experience working with the TOP Insurance Companies to achieve the best outcome…and we wrap all that up with ONE BILL and Experienced Client Service Staff.

Covering your business is too important to trust a novice start-up or inexperienced service staff with no history of success…and who are learning the business.  Covering your business shouldn’t be an experiment or learning exercise

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Meeting the need with life insurance

Life insurance is bought on a key employee to strengthen working capital, to assure creditors of business continuity and to locate, hire and train a replacement if the employee dies.

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The ultimate goal of a business is to create wealth for its owners. If a business isn’t profitable, other concerns quickly become unimportant. Your key employees make extraordinary contributions to management, manufacturing, sales, distribution and customer loyalty. Having the means to protect profitability and to ensure continuity of your business in a key employee’s absence must be a part of your strategic plan. You have the best selection of options for dealing with a key employee’s death when you decide what to do before it occurs.

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We invite you, your associates and your advisers to explore the options with us. We can help you make informed choices about the best ways to safeguard your business, provide for your family and prepare for the future.

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